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What is love worth to you?

And what are the true costs of a failed relationship?

Couple Therapy Berlin

Investments and things to win and loose


Couple therapy always requires an investment of money, time and

energy. At first glance this investment seems big.

But if we compare this investment with what can be won and

to the usual losses that come with separations, then this investment

doesn’t look so big after all.


Losses that can be prevented through couple therapy:

  • Emotional suffering and loss of psychological health and sense of meaning for everyone involved (partners and children)

  • Financial costs associated with a separation that often turn out to be devastating


What a couple therapy can help you win:

  • Love, satisfaction, vitality, intact dreams, family cohesion, a sense of meaning in life, emotional health of everyone involved


Specific numbers


Basic fee:120 Euros for 50 minutes  

1 session couple therapy: 100 minutes + 50 minutes behind the scenes work = 360 Euro* 


1 session individual therapy: 50 minutes + 25 minutes behind the scenes work = 180 Euro*

Entire therapy process (median): 3600 Euro*

Most couples that start therapy with at couples therapy Berlin are on a good path with each other after 1 to 10 sessions. Experience has shown: If 10 sessions don’t help, then more than 10 sessions won’t help much either. Because then partners are not (or no longer) compatible enough. But even when couples therapy ends with this recognition, usually both partners have nevertheless benefited from the therapy process: Through therapy partners will have gained more understanding for each other and this will allow separating with lower levels of anger and animosity (and that can actually safe a lot of money). And partners will have learned things during the therapy process that will help them in future relationships. But, again, more often than not couples are on a good path towards growing love and satisfaction after only 10 sessions or less. And if we do have the impression that we won’t be able to help you enough at Couples Therapy Berlin, we will communicate this impression early on in the therapy process (sometimes even before our first session).


Reduced fees


Because we at couples therapy Berlin believe that love and psychological health are everyone’s birthrights, we would love to make couple therapy feasible for everyone. We therefore offer reduced fees. But the sad truth is that our contingent for reduced feels is usually exhausted – and often for a long time into the future (waiting list). Couples therapy Berlin is also working on creating a YouTube channel to be able to offer help to couples who cannot afford sessions.  


Gudrun Widmann is a master’s-level psychologist with couples therapy Berlin who has not yet completed her specialisation as an Emotionally Focused Couple Therapist. For this reason, her work is being supervised by Matthias Angelstorf. Gudrun is really passionate about her work and clearly provides couples with competed and effective help. Currently her hourly fee is 70 euros, so a session of couple therapy with her currently costs “only” 210 Euros.


*if couples therapy is not aimed at the treatment or prevention of a psychological disorder (like for example an adjustment disorder or depression), then treatment does not clearly fall under § 4 Nr. 14 Buchst. a UStG and therefore in this case 19 % VAT will be added to the fee. However, because relationship quality has a big impact on psychological health (as demonstrated by a large body of scientific research), psychotherapeutic or psycho-preventative interventions are indicated in almost all cases of relationship distress. In general, Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy because of its methodology and its effects clearly is a form of psychotherapy (in contrast to counselling). 








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