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·         “Where did our love go?”

·         “Why do we seem to have the same fight again and again?”

·         “How do we save our relationship?“

·         “How do we make our marriage work?"

In my practice for couple therapy and marriage counseling here in Berlin, I hear questions like these daily. And there's good reason for that: It is easy for a couple to get stuck in distress. Suddenly, there is tension, anger and icy silence where once there was warmth, joy and passion.

Relationship or marital distress can heavily constrict one's quality of life.This effect is even more dramatic when children are involved and the whole family is affected.

The good news is that today we have proven methods for helping distressed couples rediscover the love that got buried in fights or distance.

Matthias Angelstorf, M.Sc. Clin. Psych.
Couple Therapist
Berlin, Germany

Trying to change a distressed relationship by your own efforts alone can be a very frustrating experience. Partners often talk about the sense of going round in circles. No matter how hard they try to change things, they end up in the same place time and time again. Today we know from research that partners in distressed relationships actually go round in circles: They get stuck in vicious cycles of negative interaction that take over their relationship. So it's no wonder that partners often realize "Oh no! Not again! It's happening again!" and yet feel powerless and unable to change anything. A couples therapist can help a couple break out of such vicious cycles of interaction. And even more importantly, a good couples therapist will help the partners take control of their relationship once again, so they will be able to work together to create the relationship they have always wanted.

Do you want to find out where things go wrong in your relationship? Do you want to rediscover the love that somehow got lost along the way? Then couples therapy might be the right thing for you!

A relationship or marriage cannot only be saved, but it can also be filled with love and passion again. After a successful couple therapy, a lot of couples even experience more intimacy and satisfaction than ever before. That's because a relationship that you grew into together is usually more stable and more satisfying than a relationship that you just kind of "fell into."

Under the button Couple Therapy Berlin, I will  give you more information on couples therapy and how it works. Additionally there and under "About me", you will find more information about me and my practice – Couples Therapy Berlin.

Some people wonder: "What's the difference between couple therapy, couple counseling and marriage counseling?" On a theoretical level there are differences between therapy and counseling. However, in practice, couple therapy does not seem to be different from couple counseling or marriage counseling. That is because in practice, a couple therapist, a couple counselor and a marriage counselor do essentially the same thing: They help a distressed couple improve their relationship. If there really is a difference, you might say that a couple counselor teaches more about love and connection, while a couple therapist helps the couple make new experiences of love and connection.

Do you have any further questions about Couple Therapy Berlin? Would you like to schedule an initial session with a couple therapist or marriage counselor in Berlin? Then I'm looking forward to your contacting me via phone or email. By the way: My practice Couple Therapy Berlin is located in the center of Berlin (Berlin Mitte), close to Prenzlauer Berg.


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